Traditional Turkish Coffee Set For Sale

Turkish coffee set for sale

Coffee is undoubtedly one of the most popular and loved drinks across the world. Have you ever wondered from where the coffee comes from? Who invented it and who coined the term? These are some really interesting questions that you should know next time before lifting your coffee mug. Even though the plant of coffee can be found in various parts of the world but it was Ethiopia where an Ethiopian Sufi discovered the presence of coffee plant after his goats ate them and got excited. When this plant was converted into a drink; it soon reached turkey where it was named as a “kahve” during an ottoman empire. Kahve is basically a derived word from Arabic term “qawa” and this is how the word spread and was permanently termed as coffee. We love how different culture adapts different ways to present similar things. Similar is the case with the preparation of coffee and even the presentation of it in turkey. In this article; we will be discussing about the traditional turkish coffee set sale.

Traditional Turkish coffee set for sale:

Turkey is the country rich in culture. Its culture can be seen embedded in the furniture items, crockery sets, clothes, carpets and many more such daily use items. People all across the world are greatly attracted towards the culture of turkey. Not only do they make things in a different way but also they present them differently. The coffee that they prepare is made from the solid beans of coffee which are not that finely grounded. They are prepared in a way that water, sugar along with coffee beans are boiled till the time that they dissolve well enough among one another. The liquid forms foam like structure. It gives a bold taste the coffee. The traditional Turkish sets for coffee are composed of small sized cups with gold plated or Turkish art crafts embedded on it. There are small sized coffee pots as well that are presented with them.

Turkish tea pot for sale:

Turkish tea is famous all around the world due t its uniqueness. They are prepared in double tea pots; the lower tea pot has the boiling water in it and the upper tea pot has the black tea brewing on it. The tea pot set that in which Turkish tea is presented has its own charm. It comprises of small sized tea cups with individual saucers along with it.


Turkey is rich in culture and full of artefacts. The Turkish coffee and Turkish tea not only differ on the basis of the way they are prepared but also the way they are presented. People from all across the world love to buy turkish coffee sets online and tea sets which have their own unique touch to them. “Turkish store” offers the best quality of Turkish tea sets as well as Turkish coffee set for sale.